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Author: Joachim Eibl
Latest release: 1.42 (2010-04-01) "Back To Binary"

The ArrayDebugView-Add-In extends Microsoft Visual Studio® and adds graphical view capabilities to the debugger of VC6, VS.NET(2003), VS2005 or VS2008. (Only C/C++-debugging is supported.)

Please tell me if if you know about a tool with similar capabilities for Visual Studio®. I don't know about an alternative yet, free or commercial.


  • Plot arrays given any valid pointer expression the debugger understands.
  • Support for all simple types: double, float, int, short, char (signed and unsigned).
  • Support for complex numbers and stride.
  • Cursor and zoom function.
  • Save the data to disk as text or in binary format.
  • DLL versions now also for VS2005 and VS2008.!
  • High speed data transfer for local 32-bit processes.!

Installation for VS2005 and VS2008 (DLL-Version, recommended):

Download the and see here. See also the wiki.

Installation for VS2008 (VB-Macro):

Download the ArrayDebugView_1.30_VS2008.vb and use that file, otherwise same as with VS2005. See here. (Patch for VS2008 provided by Elecia White.)

Installation for VS2005 (VB-Macro):

Download the and read on here.

Installation for VS.NET(2003):

Download either the source-package and build the msi-file yourself, or download the binary .msi-installer package.

Read here about how to proceed once you have the .msi-file. Especially don't install while VS.NET is running.

Installation for VC6:

Download either the source-package and build the dll yourself, or download the binary package.

Read here about how to proceed once you have the dll.


2010-04-01: ArrayDebugView 1.42 for VS2005 and VS2008
    - DLL-Add-in versions for VS2005 and VS2008.
    - High speed data transfer for local 32-bit processes.
    - Easy installation: Unpack and register.

2007-11-15: ArrayDebugView 1.30 for VS2003 and VS2005
    - High speed data transfer with TransferToArrayDebugViewEEAddIn.dll
    - ArrayDebugView for VS2003 can now be installed everywhere.

2006-06-21: ArrayDebugView for VS2005
    - Show phase for complex data.
    - Completely rewritten as a VS2005-macro to avoid installation nightmare. Easier for you to improve!

2004-10-24: ArrayDebugView2 for VS.NET
    - Same features as 1.22 but for VS.NET.
    - Resizable dialog.

2002-09-17: Version 1.22
    - First published version.

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